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Clinical Surgery

Advanced Surgical Technologies and Solutions

Lake Region Medical provides Advanced Surgical technologies and solutions for a range of medical devices. Lake Region provides a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions that support the development and manufacture of complex components, sub-assemblies, and finished devices. As a collaborative and flexible partner, we extend our customers’ capacity to deliver life-changing products including Energy-Based Devices, Endomechanical Devices, and devices for Arthroscopy, Joint Preservation and Reconstruction, Biopsy, and Drug Delivery applications.

At Lake Region Medical, we continue to invest in product categories, optimizing manufacturing processes, and supply chain operations that help our customers sustain profitable operations and maintain their market leadership. Lake Region has the capacity to execute aggressive product cycles, tight deadlines, and ambitious product transfers. We work side by side with our customers to meet their requirements, ranging from a single portion of the process to utilization of our entire suite of solutions. From design to manufacturing to final delivery, we channel all our innovation, expertise, and resources to provide vertically-integrated resources on a global scale to our customers.

Manufacturing Proprietary manufacturing technologies and processes meet the most stringent design requirements and a wide range of functional demands.
Engineer at Work Station Advanced engineering expertise enables products to be manufactured in the most efficient, cost-effective, and repeatable manner.
Operational Clean Room World-class systems reflect our long-term commitment to operational excellence. Lake Region applies a variety of processes and tools to minimize manufacturing costs and enhance value from the perspective of the customer.
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