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Biopsy Forceps


Lake Region manufactures minimally invasive biopsy devices which are used to retrieve tissue samples. High quality, high reliability devices are produced to provide the extremely critical cutting action.  Lake Region leverages its vertical integration and comprehensive understanding of less invasive biopsy therapies to produce components, subassemblies and complete devices.

Biopsy and Grasping Forceps
Biopsy and grasping forceps are key surgical tools in endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. They are used to remove tissue samples in a minimally invasive manner. Lake Region's product design knowledge enables the production of cost effective and high-performing devices. Vertical integration for key component elements includes jaw mechanisms, pull wires, micro-machining and plastic extrusion.

Breast Biopsy Devices
Minimally invasive breast biopsy devices are manufactured for use in the early detection of tumors with less pain and faster recovery times. Lake Region leverages its vertical integration and comprehensive understanding of less invasive biopsy therapies to produce components, subassemblies and complete devices.


Drug Delivery

Drug delivery represents one of the most dynamic and diverse segments of the medical device industry. Lake Region engineers are adept at staying one step ahead of the most recent developments—producing the latest high-quality drug delivery solutions with the utmost efficiency. Markets served include: Transdermal, Transmucosal, Infusion, Injectable, Inhalable, Implantable, and Diagnostics.

Auto Injection Systems (Needle and Needle Free)
Auto injection systems are mechanisms used to inject a needle or needle/cannula combination. They offer increased ease of use, safety and patient comfort. Lake Region can provide a complete solution—from design expertise and component manufacturing to device assembly and packaging.

Cannula-Based Delivery Systems
Cannula-based delivery systems utilize metal and plastic-reinforced tubing for intraosseous (IO) access to bone marrow and percutaneous access to venous and arterial vessels—supporting both diagnostic and therapeutic treatment throughout the body. Lake Region offers technical expertise in Cannula-based delivery system design in conjunction with expertise in other elements of manufacturing, such as polymer processing, hydrophilic coating and laser balloon bonding.

Implantable Seeds, Tubes, Catheters and Delivery Systems
Implantable seeds are designed to deliver precise doses of radio therapy to cancerous tumors, and are made of implantable titanium tubing. They effectively treat diseases in a precise manner, allowing the patient to avoid extensive surgery. Tubes, catheters and delivery systems are used to deliver other drug therapies, such as pain management and clot removal to targeted sites. Lake Region's capabilities include advanced braiding technology for catheters with high pressure ratings and tubing manufacturing for uniform radio attenuation, consistent wall thickness and high ductility.

Infusion and IV Connector Systems
Intravenous (IV) administration sets—such as rotary connector sets or neutral displacement connectors—are utilized to administer medication or fluids intravenously. Lake Region ’s vertically integrated capabilities—from molding components and assembly to packaging, sterilization and finished goods distribution—combine to produce a low cost, yet superior IV connector system.

Patient Wearable Constant or Variable Delivery Systems
Patient wearable constant or variable delivery systems are patient-applied pump systems used to deliver drugs such as insulin. They give the patient greater control over their own care with minimized physician interaction and more regular daily routines. Lake Region can provide a complete solution from design to manufacture of components such as needles and tubing to device assembly.


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