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Endomechanical Devices

In an industry that requires rapid product innovation and rigorous cost control, Lake Region Medical provides extraordinary efficiency and quality. Our extensive expertise makes us the most comprehensive endomechanical device-manufacturing partner in the market. Lake Region designs, develops, manufactures and assembles devices and instruments for a very broad array of applications.

Instrumental in minimally invasive laparoscopy procedures, trocars are access devices that create small incisions and dilate tissue, permitting easy exchange of endoscopic instruments and fluid/gas aspiration. Lake Region's design and manufacturing knowledge of plastic and metal tubing, seal assemblies and precision machining of sharp piercing features allows us to assist with design for manufacturing and provide cost-effective fabrication and assembly.

Endoscopes & Laparoscopes
Endoscopes and laparoscopes allow internal visualization during minimally invasive surgery and may be either rigid or flexible in construction.  They are fitted with a miniature camera, light source and precision tools. Lake Region’s vertical supply chain capabilities reduce overall product costs and increase speed to market.

Closure Devices
Closure devices such as surgical staplers and clip appliers are effective replacements for sutures used for rapid vessel closure.  Lake Region is experienced in electro-mechanical design and the manufacturing and assembly of molded and machined components, metal and plastic tubing, and other components including jaws, anvils, cams, shafts, and firing mechanisms.  Our experience positions us to support our customers' product design and manufacturing needs for these complex instruments.

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