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Energy-Based Devices

Lake Region Medical provides extraordinary efficiency and quality as a manufacturer of energy-based devices and instruments for a variety of applications.

Harmonic Scalpels
A harmonic scalpel uses ultrasonic energy to dissect soft tissue and simultaneously coagulate blood at the incision. The hand piece (ultrasonic transducer) excites the resonant wave guide which transmits the ultrasonic energy to the scalpel blade. This method eliminates stray arcing and current effects that can occur with high frequency electric surgery methods. Lake Region manufactures harmonic scalpels in high speed machining centers using Titanium alloy bar, pre-qualified for acoustic resonant response and tuned using a proprietary technique.

Advanced Bipolar Energy Delivery Devices
Advanced bipolar energy delivery devices are designed to cauterize vessels and enable dissection without bleeding, minimizing surgical times and blood loss. Lake Region's product design knowledge enables the manufacturing of cost-effective and high-performing devices. Vertical integration for key components in bipolar devices includes tube forming, machining, injection molding and packaging

RF Probes
Radio frequency (RF) probes deliver RF energy to ablate tissue for a variety of surgical applications. Lake Region offers expert product design knowledge to enable cost effective and high-performing devices. Vertical integration for key component elements includes injection molding, tube forming, plastic extrusion, final assembly and packaging.

Thermal Tumor Ablation
Thermal tumor ablation, a thermotherapy utilized to treat conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is designed to reduce the size of the prostate and alleviate urinary symptoms. Lake Region's ability to incorporate various technologies for the manufacture of complex customized designs means low costs with quality results.

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