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Coronary Sinus Guidewires for Implantable Lead Delivery Steerable Sheaths & Diagnostic Catheters Electrical & Optical Mechanical Devices
Electrophysilogy & Stimulation Therapy Clinical Applications

Lake Region Medical utilizes a unique blend of clinical, engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide customer partners with innovative access, delivery and retrieval device solutions designed to enhance leading electrophysiology & stimulation therapies including:

  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Heart Failure
  • Ventricular Tachycardia
  • Arrhythmia Therapies

Product Focus

Lake Region Medical’s proprietary wire and catheter-based capabilities and technologies support the development of a broad array of access, delivery and retrieval device solutions.  More specifically, key device competencies and related capabilities include:

Interventional Guidewire

Coronary Sinus Guidewires for Implantable Lead Delivery
Coronary sinus designs are comprised of small outer diameter (.014””) guidewires with exceptional tracking and support properties.  These performance attributes aid in the negotiation of anatomy commonly associated with lead placement procedures.  The guidewire’s primary function is to gain access and subsequently provide support for lead delivery to the target site.

Key Capabilities & Technologies

  • Highly lubricious / durable coatings
  • High torque transmission core technologies
  • Radiopaque polymer jacketing
  • Precision joining (dissimilar metals, gluing, laser welding, soldering, coil wire draw down, etc.) 
  • Docking/Extension systems

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Steerable Sheaths & Diagnostic Catheters
These sheaths and catheters are designed to offer control, diagnose arrhythmias, and deliver therapy to targeted anatomical locations and provide the clinician increased maneuverability over fixed curve sheaths and catheters.

Key Capabilities & Technologies

  • Coil and braid reinforced shafts
  • Multiple technologies for varying shaft flexibility
  • Single-lumen, multi-lumen, bump, and pressure extrusion
  • Automated ring on wire attachment
  • Customizable luers with limited tooling needed
  • Custom handle design

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Energy-Based Device

Electrical & Optical Mechanical Devices
Energy-based devices are unveiling a new paradigm in diagnosing and treating vascular related disease.  More than ever before guidewires and catheters are tasked with not only providing conventional access and delivery functionality, but also supporting new, energy-based technologies used across a myriad of modalities including imaging, pressure / flow measurement and plaque identification to mention a few.  Guidewire and catheter based devices in this area require innovative clinical solutions paired with exacting technical capabilities.

Key Capabilities & Technologies

  • Mechanical delivery platforms (spiral core, cut tubing, spline wire, torque cables)
  • Joining / connections (laser welding, wire wrapping, fine wire joining, proximal ring connectors)
  • Coatings / coverings (dielectric, isolative, hydrophilic)
  • Sensor and connector attachment
  • Electrical and fatigue testing
  • Coils, Helices, MRI Compatible
  • Headers, Connectors, Custom Machining

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